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Help A Friend

Trying to help a friend with a substance use disorder can be challenging. It’s often difficult to initiate an effective conversation regarding their addiction or mental health challenges.

In February, Recovery Centers of America is encouraging friends and families to “Help A Friend” by offering support and encouragement to loved ones suffering with an addiction or mental health issue. Join us as we share tips and tools for helping our friends and family find lasting, meaningful recovery.

Listen to some helpful tips for helping a friend with an addiction.

Plan for a Sober Discussion

Once you’ve made the decision to talk to your friend about their addiction, it’s important to have the conversation when they’re sober. Even more importantly, you’ll want to talk to them in a quiet and neutral space where they’ll feel safe.

Give Them Examples of Their Behavior

For example, maybe there was a time when you and your friend went to a party together and they decided to use certain substances. Because of this, they may have put you in danger. In a supportive manner, discuss the negative consequences of their actions.

Be Supportive and Empathetic

The most important thing to understand about substance use disorders is that they are brain disorders. Your friend is not choosing to be this way — so don’t shame or blame them.

Encourage Treatment

You can’t lecture an addiction, so don’t bother hitting your friend over the head about the negative impacts of their disorder. Instead, come to the conversation prepared with positive facts about treatment. Visit for details.

Help A Friend

See how Recovery Centers of America addiction experts are fighting to save lives.

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