What should I expect the first few days my loved one is in treatment?

When your loved one enters treatment, they will be asked to sign releases for anyone they wish for us to communicate with and/or include in their treatment program, including family members, during their treatment with RCA. To protect your loved one’s privacy and confidentiality, we are not legally permitted to contact anyone without that release. Be assured that if a release is not signed, our clinical team will be working diligently to get your loved one to sign that release because we know the importance of family involvement in recovery. Regardless of if there is a release on file, you can begin your own recovery, too. Please email the Director of Family Services to explore ways to stay involved in recovery.

You will also receive an email which contains our Welcome Family Letter and links to our family webpage and family questionnaire. Our clinical team members will use the family questionnaire to learn more about your loved one and help create the best treatment plan.

Assuming RCA has a signed release from your loved one that we may contact you about their treatment, within 24 hours, you will hear from an RCA team member who will let you know that your loved one has arrived and is safe. They will inform you of some important things to be aware of those first few days, including:

  • The importance of filling out the family questionnaire (if not done so already)
  • What the Centering Period is (see below)
  • Ways to get involved in RCA’s family programming.

Additionally, they will also send you an email that highlights all of the important things to know while your loved one is in treatment.

You will receive another call within 3 days from a clinical team member (or a Case Manager in MA), where you will be updated on how your loved one is doing. This will be your chance to set up future calls to continue to receive updates. The clinical team member will send you another email with important resources for you and your family to begin your own journey to recovery. It is also helpful to know that your clinical team members will be able to help answers regarding your loved one’s treatment.

We have created a “Centering period” in which you will not hear from your loved one for 5 days. This period exists to help patients get acclimated to treatment and allow both them and you to begin healing.

During those initial days, your loved one is in treatment, it’s importance for you and your family to begin to focus on your own recovery.  Attend the weekly education on Tuesday evenings, participate in the Monday evening seminars of the importance of treatment and NARCAN training, and stay active in the recovery community that RCA provides to you.

Your loved one is starting their own road to recovery, and we are here to help them and you every step of the way. If you have any questions during this time, please reach out to your loved one’s primary therapist or email the Director of Family services.

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