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Your loved one is already in our care

Family Orientation

Here you will find everything you need to know while your loved one is getting the treatment they deserve. We know how incredibly difficult this time has been for you, and we commend you for your courage throughout. That’s why we aim to give you the care and peace of mind you deserve. In this process, you and your loved one can begin to heal, building a life of lasting recovery together.


This is a journey

Levels of care

Treatment philosophy

Commitment to co-occurring treatment

Commitment to treatment

Treatment process

Treatment team

Helpful to know prior to treatment

Black out/transition period

Involved support

How do we fit in?

What should I say if my loved one wants to leave

Underlying reason one might want to leave

What might they say to you?

What if there is an emergency at home?

Cost of treatment

Family Support

Seed to Recovery


Support seminars



Here you can find more resources to help you navigate your son or daughter’s recovery and grow together as a family.



Treatment Advisor
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