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Addiction is a family disease, as it affects the entire family system and dynamics. It’s a disease you live and breathe every day – even though you don’t have the disease. That’s why it’s equally important for you, a loved one, to get help, education, and support. RCA’s addiction treatment is dedicated to treating patients and their families. Please see below for webinars on addiction-related topics, weekly family support groups that provide counseling and therapy, and other family resources for addiction. You can also learn more about your loved one’s treatment with RCA on our family program page.

Virtual Seeds to Recovery

Virtual Seeds to Recovery

What: Run by RCA’s Vice President of Family Services Trish Caldwell, Seeds to Recovery digs deep to educate families on the root causes of addiction and how to support a loved one on the road to recovery. We’ll also help families connect in a positive way and develop healthy communication and coping strategies. Learn more about Seeds to Recovery.
Who: Anyone interested in learning more about how to support yourself or a loved one through recovery. You do not have to be in recovery or be struggling with addiction to attend this webinar. This is for anyone who wants to learn more about addiction recovery.

Family Educational Webinars

Weekly Family Support Groups for Addiction

Families of First Responders and Military Service Members

Are you a family member of a first responder or service member?

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Additional Family Resources for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

For so many families, finding additional support and resources for addiction can feel overwhelming. In an effort to alleviate some of that stress, RCA has put together an additional resource page for families of addicted persons.  This link will provide you with information on recommended books, webpages, videos and apps that can help you and your family begin to understanding, supporting and reconnecting with one another.

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Online family support groups:

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