Speaker Series – Christopher Poe – Strengthening Resilience: Resilient Thinking – Webinar – 4/29/2020

RCA Academy is sponsoring this free resilience training featuring Christopher Poe, master resilience specialist from 49 North. In this interactive session, we will learn concrete skills that help participants understand how their thinking drives their behavior, techniques for forward thinking even in the face of stress, change, or uncertainty, and how to strengthen resilient thinking. The skills in the introduction workshop focus on helping participants evaluate the accuracy of their beliefs (and how those beliefs are linked to their emotional and physical reactions), build realistic optimism, and develop realistic appraisals of the source of problems. Through a series of activities, we’ll examine how understanding what is most important can help us prioritize and cultivate positive thinking. We’ll provide a simple, scientific road map for improving your resilience and well-being.

Speaker Bio:
Christopher Poe (First Sergeant, US Army Retired) is the lead trainer for 49 North’s partnership with the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) in South Australia.

For almost a decade, Christopher has been successfully delivering research focused, well-being and resilience skills, in and out of uniform. As a resilience skills trainer for 49 North and as a former Drill Instructor and Infantryman, Christopher brings a truly unique and authentic experience to his audiences. His training comes from the heart and he thrives on teaching and helping others explore new ways to persevere through challenges and flourish in their own lives.

In 2012, he joined the 49 North training team and began delivering training as part of the first Air Force-wide resilience initiative. Christopher is a recipient of the Combat Infantryman’s Badge for service under fire in Iraq in November 2004.


Apr 29 2020


9:00 am - 10:30 am

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