Managing Stress with Erin Jewell

Erin Jewell is a Mindset and Growth Coach, published author, passionate speaker, and professor of Leadership and Mindset at Villanova University in Philadelphia, PA. Her goal is to empower individuals to learn to live in a more mindful way. She has professional certifications in Qigong – the combination of movement, breathing, and meditation, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapy, Meditation and Pranayama – a breathing control practice typically used in yoga.

Erin will be teaming up with Recovery Centers of America’s Alumni Association to bring her knowledge and skill to our alumni, family, and friends, to teach how we can best manage stress in the New Year using mindfulness-based practices.

To learn more about Erin and the work she does, please visit her website.


Jan 09 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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