Live Webinar: Ensuring a safe, compliant workforce through COVID-19 testing, prevention and mitigation with Aura – 8/19/2020

Join us for this informative live webinar as we discuss how to identify and mitigate COVID-19. Undeniably, ensuring the well-being of every member of your population is your highest priority, especially now. Employers are faced with a new crisis:

  • How to handle safety issues related to infection and spread during the current pandemic.
  • What to do if an employee tests positive?
  • How can you ensure you’ll be notified if this happens?
  • Do business operations halt to keep all employees safe?

In partnership with Nucleus, TCA/GENETWORx Laboratory’s unique Aura software provides patients and customers a total end to end digital management and medical data system which provides:

  • Test locations
  • Test scheduling
  • Sample tracking
  • Daily symptom tracking
  • Contact tracing assistance
  • Dashboard compliance reporting
  • Government reporting

Aura expedites turnaround times of COVID-19 test results, reduces laboratory process time, and allows large population customers, including municipalities, state and federal governments, universities, corporations, healthcare providers, and others to manage the COVID-19 compliance and health of their entire workforce, constituent, student, and/or patient population.

Hosted by:

Terri C. Malenfant, Esq.
Director of Public Relations
Recovery Centers of America

Matt Etheridge
Vice President of Sales and Marketing EAST- TCA/Genetworx

Matt Etheridge has more than 18 years of experience in medical sales, including pharmaceutical, medical device, biologic and laboratory spaces. He has a proven track record of success as an award winner in multiple organizations, both in sales and sales leadership and has spent 10 years in sales management, including 6 years in executive level leadership. Matt joined TCA/GENETWORx in January 2020 to lead their expansion into COVID-19 testing. Matt has extensive leadership and sales experience in large, medium and start up type organizations, is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a 3 time letter winner in Football.

Steven Paolucci
CTO/Architect – Laborocity
Chief architect and team lead on the Aura sequential testing and certification platform for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, Steve has spent the last few years developing AI/tech-driven recruiting platforms enabling SMART, seamless recruiting, onboarding and placement, optimize worker performance, and warehouse process optimization.

Some of Steve’s projects include developing an employee performance appraisal system for OMB at the White House, the PDX platform for Laborocity, and the matching algorithm based Bullseye Applicant Tracking System. Steve has also worked on enterprise banking fintech solutions, using the Blockchain to track assets for Proof of Ownership.

Steve holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Boston University (Dean’s List).


Aug 19 2020


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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