Curriculum Preview for Thrive:
An Addiction Treatment Program for the LGBTQIA+ Community


The LGBTQIA+ community faces unique challenges that can have an impact on both the spiral into addiction and the recovery process. At RCA, our entire team goes through sensitivity and trauma training and approaches each individuals’ situation with these in mind.

As a member of RCA’s Thrive program, you’ll benefit from evidence-based addiction treatment that’s tailored for the LQBTQIA+ community. We’re offering a free sample of the curriculum used in this program, covering the topics of:

  • Coping with identity and coming out
  • Equating self-worth to social media popularity
  • Tackling self-harm and insecurities
  • How to be your authentic self outside of your comfort zone
  • Using religion and/or spirituality to calm the soul and fill deeper, subconscious needs
  • How to cope with loss of a family member or loved one or loss of a person or job due to discrimination
  • Facing stereotypes and stigmas
  • Finding the right sponsor
  • Whether (and how) to inform others of your recovery and/or your sexual orientation and/or gender experience
  • Managing social media and online bullying by non-LGBTQIA+ people
  • Understanding trauma (which may or may not be related to sexuality and/or gender) and secondary trauma

Download this preview now to get a taste of the RCA difference in addiction treatment. We’d love to tell you more about the many other relevant topics addressed throughout this comprehensive, 30 day program.

Click here to learn more about the Thrive program and LGBTQIA+ rehab FAQs.

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