Vincent Douglas

Alumni Coordinator for Bracebridge Hall

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Vince joined RCA back in 2018 as a Recovery Instructor and is loved by our patients and his colleagues for his passion and dedication to helping others achieve and maintaining recovery.  Prior to working at RCA he was a peer support specialist at a local county health department. 

Vince also enjoys playing sports and coaching youth sports in the area. He also fishes, hikes, loves to travels and always aims to inspire others to reach their fullest potential. 

Why do you choose to work as an Alumni Coordinator for RCA?

I believe in the vision of RCA. The alumni program is another bridge towards the goal of recovery, and to be a part of it is an absolute honor and privilege to be of service to those walking this path.

What is your favorite quote, and why?

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”Simply because it is a simple reminder that if nothing changes within me, the results that I get will remain the same. Which ultimately places me in a position of willingness to take action in my life, no matter what the issue may be.

What are the major driving forces in your life?

My higher power has placed in me a divine purpose and passion to be of service to anyone who struggles in this life. This driving force was gifted upon me at the lowest spot in my life. A new life was breathed in me that moment; One of life, purpose, passion, service, inspiration, and love. I am grateful for that, so I shall give back and live in a way that proves life is a gift.

If you could send a message to family, friends and loved ones of those with a substance use disorder, what would it be?

There’s hope and it’s contagious. Give it a chance and it will spread into a creation of a life you could not dream of. Give yourself a chance. What do you have to lose? What do you have to gain?

What do you hope to accomplish as an Alumni Coordinator?

My hope is to build a community of support that is there for the next person coming out of treatment into the next step of their recovery, having all shared directly through the same program.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

What I enjoy most about the work I do is seeing LIVES restored. To bear witness to those walking out of the hell that addiction is and to commence towards a life in which will be filled with restoration, for I know it firsthand.

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