Debbie Riccelli

Alumni Coordinator for Monroeville

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Debbie Riccelli began as a Behavioral Health Technician more than four years ago at an inpatient treatment program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was later promoted to Alumni Coordinator, providing resources and continued engagement after patients’ completion. It was there she found a passion for treating the individual as a whole by providing, resources, community, and encouragement, as well as supporting the healing of the family system. Debbie also has a breadth of experience as an Outreach Specialist, bridging recovery and service for alumni throughout the community. In August of 2021, Debbie joined Recovery Centers of America as the Regional Alumni Coordinator for Recovery Centers of America at Monroeville because she appreciates a life-long approach to treatment, recovery, and aftercare. RCA understands that the Alumni Association has a critical role in the transition from patient to alumni, rebuilding relationships with family, becoming involved in community, and fostering relationships built in treatment – all of which create a strong foundation for long-term success in recovery.

Debbie’s personal recovery journey began in January of 2012. She worked her recovery in several 12-step fellowships, along with Celebrate and SMART Recovery. Working through different pathways allows her to meet our alumni exactly where they are in their process and believes that working with recovering individuals is her life’s calling.

Why did you choose to work as an Alumni Coordinator for RCA?

RCA’s mission of “saving one million lives” is attractive to me. The idea of being a part of something bigger than me is humbling. I firmly believe that God picked my profession. It is an area in my life that I have walked through, and now I can share my journey with alumni and their families!

What is your favorite quote, and why?

“God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.” by Mark Batterson.
This quote is one I always go back to because it rings true in my life.

What are the major driving forces in your life?

Addiction runs deep in my family, and I make a commitment every day to help break the cycle. I am also a mother of three sons and have been married for 20 years. They are my driving force.

If you could send a message to family, friends and loved ones of those with a substance use disorder, what would it be?

 If there is breath, there is still HOPE! We do recover!

What do you hope to accomplish as an Alumni Coordinator?

I hope to create a program that offers a safe and familiar place to continue the recovery journey after treatment. There is a better way of living, and I want to be a part of showing our alumni the way as they walk the path towards rebuilding their lives. My goal is to provide encouragement, resources, and support through the Alumni Association that keeps our alumni committed and connected to their recovery.

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