Trish Caldwell, MFT, LPC, CCDP-D, CAADC, CCTP

SVP of Clinical Services

Trish Caldwell has over 27 years of experience in the substance abuse and behavioral health field, including in inpatient, PHP, outpatient, and long-term residential treatment facilities. As RCA’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Services, Trish is passionate about integrating families into each patient’s recovery process, creating meaningful programming to help educate and support families through this journey, and teaching and training staff on how to integrate families as well as the importance of families being involved in recovery.

Trish also serves as an Adjunct with Jefferson University, where she teaches psychology, contracts with Lakeside Global Institute to provide trauma trainings for the community, and runs a private practice for people who have experienced trauma, substance use, or ADHD.

She is also responsible for the Seeds to Recovery Program at RCA at Devon and the Maryland Center for Addiction Treatment. This weekend retreat teaches families and their loved one currently in treatment how to heal and laugh as they make their way through the recovery process together. It’s important to remind families and their loved ones that they are stronger than this disease and they are fighting this fight together, and keep their bond strong.

Trish regularly travels to each RCA facility to train staff on family engagement. She is also responsible for making RCA a trauma-informed organization and developing the Breaking Free program, which treats trauma alongside addition.

“Families are often the forgotten patient,” says Trish. “It isn’t a guarantee that families will be involved in treatment – but it is at RCA. I’m happy to be a part of a continued conversation to make sure we’re including families.”

A majority of Trish’s background has been spent working with adolescents and young adults and their families. As a previous clinical manager, Trish ran trauma-directed treatment for patients, multifamily DBT groups, and developed programs that would be meaningful for patients and their families.

“I see myself as an advocate and a voice for those who are least heard,” says Trish. “I’m fighting to make sure people get the resources, information, knowledge, and education they need to fight this disease together.”

At the last facility Trish worked in, she developed their young adult and adolescent program, worked with school districts and probation offices, and created and implemented the first Young Adult Diversion Program with Delaware County’s Drug Court. This was a huge feat, as this prevented young adults with first time distribution charges from a wrecked future. Under this program, if a young adult was arrested for distribution and it was a first-time offense, instead of charges that could impact their ability to attend college or fulfill their long-term career goals, they could opt to participate in an 18-month treatment program.  After successfully completing the charges would be expunged. Facing federal offenses that would prevent him or her from getting college loans; the program allows the person to opt into an 18-month treatment program. If the person successfully completed the program and passed all drug tests, their record would be expunged. This program engages young adults in treatment and helps them get an education, so the offense doesn’t dictate their lives.

Trish also serves as a keynote speaker and presenter at conferences all over the country, including Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) in PA and NJ, Annual Symposium on Suicide Prevention Conference at Springfield Country Club, Magellan Behavioral Health: Importance of Family Engagement, EASNA in New Orleans on Trauma-Informed Care in Organizations, Cape Cod Symposium, Philadelphia Trauma Conference, Assistant District Attorneys for the State of NJ on Understanding Trauma and Substance Use in the Legal System, and Student Assistance Programs in Local Schools and Communities.


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