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Our leadership team is composed of the world’s most renowned and accomplished clinicians, doctors, and therapists in the drug and alcohol rehab field. Leaders in addiction science, these individuals directly oversee our clinical and medical care for each RCA facility, every day.

Clinical Expertise and Evidence-Based Treatment

Guided by a World-Class Advisory Board, we use Evidence-Based Practices.

To provide the highest possible level of care, our Clinical team:

  • Partners with the most respected clinicians, researchers, policy makers, institutions, standards and research findings in the world to develop our clinical model.
  • Employs Patient-Centered Care as defined by the Institute of Medicine.
  • Adheres to National Institute of Drug Abuse Principles of Effective Treatment.
  • Uses best practices as defined by SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP)

We provide individualized care and use practices that have been shown scientifically to be effective. We are guided by a world class team of the most respected clinicians, scientists, researchers, policy makers, and institutions in the world. On our drug and alcohol rehab advisory board are clinicians and scientists from Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, Yale, Columbia University, UPenn, Dartmouth, and more.

In every area of medicine, there are specific practices or services that obtain the title of being “evidence-based.” You wouldn’t want a treatment for cancer that isn’t evidence-based; neither should you get services for substance use disorders in a drug and alcohol rehab center that is not evidence based.

Evidence-based means that particular service or treatment has been shown scientifically, to produce positive outcomes.

At RCA we ensure that these “evidence-based” practices are being delivered with what scientists call “fidelity” – that they are being delivered with integrity to how the drug and alcohol rehab was designed, that all staff providing these services are fully trained and have passed specific competency measures ensuring that they are delivering these services as designed.

Our World-Class Leadership & Medical Team

These are the clinicians who lead on the front lines.

Deni Carise

Chief Science Officer


Trish Caldwell

VP of Family Services


Dr. Kerry King

VP of Clinical Services

Clinical Psychologist

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