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Quality addiction treatment care can come with high costs—both financial and emotional. That can lead to questions like, “Does insurance cover alcohol treatment?”, “How much will I owe?”, or “Can I afford treatment?”

Our Admissions Team is trained to help you understand the financial support available to you. From insurance coverage and scholarships to possible community support, we will help you identify available financial resources to help you and your family gain access to treatment.

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Recovery Centers of America accepts most major insurance. Complete our free insurance verification to find out how much addiction treatment your health insurance will cover.

We advocate tirelessly on behalf of our patients.

We fight for our patients’ rights and their needs for accessible and affordable drug rehab. We have teams of experts who give a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves.

Your first priority is getting well, not the cost of treatment. Delaying addiction treatment due to cost puts the lives of you and your loved ones in danger. In addition, not getting the right amount of treatment can leave you without the full recovery you deserve.

To ensure you have high-quality, affordable addiction treatment services, Recovery Centers of America (RCA) will:

  • Negotiate contracts with health insurance companies to bring as many providers in-network as possible
  • Verify your health insurance benefits before treatment begins—and match you with an RCA facility that maximizes your coverage
  • Explain all your addiction treatment costs up front, giving you a clear financial picture
  • Offer you flexible payment plans based on your circumstances, with no interest or prepayment penalties (review your financial options here)
  • Advocate for your complete treatment by appealing insurance company decisions that affect your full access to appropriate care, and offer a payment plan in the absence of additional coverage

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