Family Involvement in Addiction Treatment

Recovery Centers of America (RCA) leverages the power of family to increase the likelihood of successful outcomes in treatment and long-term recovery.

Drug addiction or alcohol abuse impacts every member of the family. With a family member addicted to drugs or alcohol, the ripple effects can cause harm in the lives of countless others. Substance abuse often causes direct and indirect harm to relatives, friends, employers, and other members of the community. Accordingly, when a patient enters a substance abuse treatment program, the family members also need therapy that helps them heal.

Family members of our patients have told us how important their involvement from day one was to their loved one’s recovery. We know nothing is more important to you and your loved ones than getting well. Harnessing the power of the family helps to increase the likelihood of successfully completing treatment and remaining in long-term recovery.

A crucial component of recovery is restoring faith
and understanding between patients and their families.

Family support increases success in treatment and helps families resolve issues related to living with someone addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Dr. Deni Carise: Recovery Centers of America – Family Program

At RCA, we will work with your entire family to help you heal – together. During your stay, your family will have access to evidence-based, comprehensive family programs that help them understand addiction, behaviors, and traumas that lead to substance abuse. With this knowledge as a solid foundation, each member of the family can gain a different perspective to help them rebuild their relationships, improve their family dynamic and interaction, and use new strategies to thrive beyond your inpatient treatment stay.

• Family and couples therapy
• Multiple-family group therapy
• Family support groups
• Family orientation
• Family education sessions

Once family members better understand your addiction and treatment, they can heal along with you and support your journey through recovery.

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