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Our doctors, nurses, therapists and recovery support specialists are ready to help you at one of our world-class neighborhood centers for addiction treatment.

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Experience the Unmatched Difference of RCA’s Industry-Leading Accreditations and Certifications

Immediate help is available. 

The RCA Experience

What happens next? Recovery is a journey, and we’re there every step of the way.


  • We provide 24-hour, immediate access to care
  • A treatment advisor will perform an introductory assessment and work with you to determine the best treatment option
  • Our team of expert interventionists are on-hand, in person and virtually, to help you and your family begin your journey to recovery
  • Our confidential admission process will prepare you for our full continuum of services including inpatient and outpatient treatment


  • Our world class inpatient facilities offer medically monitored detox and residential services to provide you the tools you need to navigate lifelong recovery
  • Our outpatient services strengthen your recovery with convenient in-person and virtual treatment
  • We provide cutting edge care that includes 12-Steps, Dialectical and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT), among other evidence-based treatments
  • Because addiction affects the whole family, we offer education and support for loved ones throughout the treatment process

Ongoing Care

  • Our support for your recovery does not end at discharge
  • A Continuing Care Plan is created with every patient including the resources and supports you need to succeed in recovery
  • We provide lifelong support through RCA’s Alumni Association which organizes events, communications, and meetings to give you the essential community you need in recovery
  • We are committed to continue supporting your recovery journey any time you need

What people are saying about Recovery Centers of America

Carol G.

RCA saved my son’s life. They gave him support in every area. And over a year now they are still there for help and support whenever he needs it. There was no delay in admissions.As a parent, I would highly recommend RCA.
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Melanie J.

Everything about RCA was a positive experience! As a 1st time patient i didnt know what to expect. The staff was welcoming and i made a bond with the group i was with for life! 13 months sober!!!!
Posted by google image

Andre F.

My brother received inpatient treatment at Recovery Centers of America and I truly believe that they saved his life. Their rehab facility was very clean, beautiful and impressive, in some ways better than many five star hotels and most …
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Immediate availability. Call now!

Addiction is a disease.
You’re not alone.
Recovery is possible.

We Treat the Source

Addiction is a disease, and it is not your fault.

At RCA, we conduct a comprehensive assessment with every patient to create a precision diagnosis and a meaningful, individualized treatment plan that starts at the source.

We Address the Symptoms

Addiction behavior manifests when the source of the addiction is not addressed

We teach effective techniques using evidence-based treatment, such as DBT and CBT, that help patients address their symptoms in order to effectively manage their life. 

We Identify the Contributors

Societal contributors can negatively affect the recovery process. 

Our program is designed to teach patients and their families the necessary skills to address and manage these societal contributors, one day at time.

Get Help Now 1-800-RECOVERY

Immediate availability!

We participate with the majority of insurance providers to make your treatment as affordable and accessible as possible.

Call now for immediate help. We’ll pick you up any time of day.

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